Gavyn had many signs of ADHD when he started SK. He has been on various medications from SK until now in Grade 4. He started taking Auum Sublingual-D the first week in March… just once daily before school. At the same time his medication was completely stopped. I think the Omega-3 is working well because his school has not called at all. They are unaware that he is off his meds. Previously if his meds were forgotten, the school always called about his behaviour. I am going to ask the school to start giving him a lunchtime dose. He has no problem taking it… holds it for 45 seconds at least and likes the flavour. — Stephanie

ADD, ADHD, and Auum Sublingual D

Is ADD / ADHD a disease that needs to be treated with a drug?

ADHD is a “spectrum disorder” with a wide array of symptoms that vary from person to person. It is not a disorder unique to children as many adults continue to suffer from ADD / ADHD and accompanying brain fog. Symptoms range from inability to focus or daydreaming, to inappropriate outburst and hyperactivity. Genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, and inadequate diet may all be involved.

Targeting the nutritional factor is a good place to begin. Introducing a whole food diet with a good scheduled routine which includes much needed unstructured playtime and exercise provides a solid basis on which to build.

Rather than being deficient in a drug, these children are desperately in need of a nutrient that is absolutely essential for brain function and well-being. 82% of children diagnosed with ADD show deficiencies in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids.

Auum Omega 3 products provide a whole food, animal-sourced supplement that provides DHA in nature’s perfect balance with EPA and DPA for enhanced brain function. The sublingual formulation delivers optimum nutrition — 1st stop — the brain!

“I am seeing positive results in 8 out of 10 kids in just 10 days on Auum Sublingual D — Improvements in sleep and appetite, as well as being more pleasant and kind and less aggressive.” — Sue Charbonneau, R.N., Clinical research and client services

 Why does it work?

  1. Our brain is made up of 20% Omega 3. Breast milk provides nutrition rich in DPA and DHA for the rapid brain growth in early months.
  2. Neurons rich in DHA are much more sensitive to the naturally-occurring neurotransmitters — serotonin and dopamine, both of which are necessary for a sense of well-being and calm.

What results have been obtained by children taking Auum Sublingual D?

  1. Better focus and concentration
  2. Better sleep patterns
  3. Increased communication skills
  4. Disappearance of temper tantrums
  5. Less aggressive behaviour
  6. More sociable and considerate
  7. More even mood
  8. Improved compliance
  9. More impulse control
  10. Improvement in urinary issues