1. Soft brittle nails
  2. Dry itchy scalp and skin patches
  3. Joint pain
  4. Fatigue

Since the discovery of seal oil (a mammalian-source omega 3) and its positive effects via studies and testimonials, many healthcare practitioners are questioning fish oils. Mammalian means the omega is like us (think of the omega 3 that is in human breast milk).

Auum’s sublingual omegas provide you a more direct route into the blood stream. That means quicker delivery into our system and greater absorption too!

“As a student of Natural Health Sciences I am aware of the benefits of Omega 3. Shortly after adding Auum Omega 3 to my diet and daily routine, I started to notice an increase in energy and alertness, and a more restful sleep. I did notice a positive change in the softness and manageability of my hair. I used to be a nail biter, but now I’ve noticed that my nails are growing much faster and stronger. Overall I feel better since taking this Omega 3, knowing that I am making a wise choice for my health now and in the future. Thank you Auum!” — Andreanne (Age 21)