What’s the difference between a Customer, a Member, and a Distributor?

A Customer is anyone who purchases Auum at retail price whenever they choose to place the order. A customer becomes a Member to receive monthly shipments on our Monthly Maintenance Program (MMP) at discounted prices.

A Distributor also becomes a Member, but must provide Auum with their Social Insurance Number. While receiving monthly (MMP) shipments, Distributors may purchase Auum products at wholesale pricing for resale. Distributors may sponsor new MMP Members and/or Distributors. Distributors may receive monthly commission payments if qualified.

How does being a Distributor for Auum work?

To understand how the Auum Distributor program works, please sign-up for my online presentation of the commission program. Once you are done watching the information presentation, please fill in the form below to set up your business application, choose which package you wish to begin with and receive direct business support as a member of my team.

  • NOTE: This program is for Canadians only. Thank you 🙂


Auum Omega 3 sublingual supplements

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