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Pregnancy and Omega 3s

In the fetal stage, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid — an omega 3) is important for optimal nervous system development. During the last trimester of pregnancy, when the fetal demand for neural and vascular growth are greatest, there is an elevated accretion of DHA in the liver and brain of the fetus. A maternal diet high in DHA will greatly enrich the DHA concentration in the blood of the newborn infant. Connor et al, 1995.

As a massage therapist I believe in the body’s capacity to heal itself in the right environment.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a child, a pregnant woman or a senior, balancing the critical nutrients of Omega-6 and Omega-3 with a “perfect fit” source allows for such healing.

My entire family is receiving benefits from using Auum Sublingual-D, such as better memory and increased mental focus, but the “miracle” I witnessed was my daughter. A quiet, sensitive and thoughtful child, she had been having significant trouble in school. Her teacher, unwilling to help, repeatedly told her that there was something “wrong” with her. She began withdrawing, crying very often, disliking school – and life. After “assessment”and a psychiatrist’s diagnosis of a “Learning disability”, they mapped out a variety of “modifications” she would need in place to keep up to her classmates.
Auum Omega 3 Kid Testimonials
After changing schools and having motivated and caring teachers, she began to believe in herself again. She started refusing any modifications – as she said “there is nothing wrong with me!” She then started Sublingual-D. After a few weeks I noticed her spelling with much less effort. If I forgot, she would be quick to say “Mom, I need my oil”. Her memory issues diminished and became much more manageable. Her reading speed and level skyrocketed. She raised her math mark from D to A. She made it to the finals with her public speaking. She has raw determination and a belief in herself now, and she has decided she will be an honors student this June. Her teacher believes she can and so do I.It is a true blessing to see our child happy and confident – nature’s own brilliant miracle!

I urge you to take responsibility for your own health and become your own miracle the way nature intended.

— Marijane R.M.T.

Pregnancy video series with Cheryl Millett, director of Auum Canada

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cheryl Millett, director of Auum Canada, while I was pregnant so that I could get the full information about why omega 3s and vitamin D3 are so important for women who want to get pregnant, who are pregnant, and even for those who have already had their babies.

This information is so important in my opinion. I am so happy that I was fortunate enough to have been taking Auum for years before I got pregnant again. And now that my baby is here, I’ve also started to give him some Auum especially for the Vitamin D3 content (winter baby and all). I’m happy to report that he is a happy, healthy, and energetic little one (well, actually not so little — 16 lbs at 2 months!!).

UPDATE: Still happy and healthy “baby” at almost 3 years old. And turning into a skilled athlete already… Maybe being an Auum baby from the start has something to do with it. And of course, both mommy and daddy being skilled in various sports as well.